Our Team

Here at Butler, we are proud to say that we have a highly educated, certified and trained team. We are continuously expanding and always looking for new additions to the team. Positions offered are full and part-time with flexible hours. For our full time employees, we offer a complete benefits package. Below are positions available for hire.


The Communications Center encompasses our call-takers and dispatchers. These positions are fast-paced and require exceptional communication and multitasking skills. The center is responsible for clearly and efficiently communicating with our callers, co-ordinating transportations, as well as satisfying any general customer service needs.

Mobility Driver

The Mobility Driver is to provide astonishing customer service through the safe and efficient care. This position entails transportation of ambulatory or disabled persons normally confined to a wheelchair or in need of other patient assist devices. Drivers are trained in accordance with BMT policy and appropriately licensed in accordance with any state requirements.


The Paramedic responds to emergency and non-emergency calls and delivers high quality patient care and customer service within the prescribed scope of practice, established protocols and company policies. Oversees task performance of EMT partner and makes or approves decisions requiring interpretation of clinical delivery and company policies.


The EMT is responsible for the transport and care of medically ill and traumatically injured patients in emergency and non-emergency situations. The EMT-B is responsible for following the standards of practice for the EMT-Ambulance/Basic as published in the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Standard Training Curricula with American Heart Association guidelines superseding.

Critical Care Paramedic

The Critical Care Transport Paramedic is responsible for the assessment and interpretation of the physical and psychosocial status of critically ill or injured patient's; implementation of therapeutic plans for stabilization and management of patients during inter-facility transport in collaboration with the transport team and in accordance with established medical protocols; the evaluation of patient outcome during inter-facility transport.

Apply Now

To inquire about open positions, please email iwantajob@butlermedicaltransport.com

If you would like to apply for a position, please download our employment application and direct all correspondence to: 

    Ellen Smith
    Director of Human Resources
    Fax: 410-753-1820


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