About Us

Butler Medical Transport started in 2001 as a small, hobby-like business with the focused goal of providing dependable, customer service-oriented transportation. From the very start, Butler operated with the mentality that patients should be treated like family, and though we have grown to service facilities throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC, we are still able to provide fast and compassionate service for our customers. We currently have approximately 200 employees, operate more than 55 ambulance and mobility vehicles, and take in approximately 56,000 calls each year.


From the moment that your call is placed, our dispatching personnel uses our state-of-the-art computerized dispatching system to send the most appropriate and closest unit. All of our units have GPS and mobile data terminals that give dispatch information, mapping and routing services. Our billing department is also completely computerized. Once your transport is completed, your invoice is sent electronically to your insurance company for a fast, smooth payment.

Our One-Hour Response

We guarantee a one-hour or less ETA to all ASAP calls for service. This means that when a request for transport comes in for a patient in need of ASAP transportation, we will be at location within the hour for all contracted facilities.